What I love about making sculpture, whether it is a huge outdoor piece or something that is meant to be seen indoors, is that it occupies space. Sculpture that I admire makes its presence felt. It is provocative and encourages viewers to interact with it in a corporeal way. Confronted by the physicality of the work, viewers to must move forward and backward, and circulate around the piece to experience the piece.
    The works in my portfolio are linked by an interest in the uncanny, irony, and the properties of materials. The act of making is extremely important to me and my process draws from both traditional art making methods and techniques developed for manufacturing industries. Working with wood, metal, fabric and paper, I soften and bend my materials to create forms that can carry metaphorical references. 
    Confronting subject matter head on, my work frequently comments on popular culture, femininity and masculinity and the body. Through humor, color, texture and scale, I offer the viewer a way in, an invitation to touch and be curious. The aim of my work is to subtly challenge preconceptions and gently provoke viewers to question traditions, the familiar, and notions of what we consider beautiful.